No Substitutions | District works to address substitute teacher shortage 

USD 329 administration have set forward plans to try to help encourage substitute teachers and other classified staff ( food workers, bus drivers, etc,) to continue working at Wabaunsee. “We’ve been investigating what other schools in the area are paying substitutes to make sure that pay stays competitive. We’ve also implemented a salary schedule similar to that of the teachers to ensure that as substitutes and other classified workers gain more responsibilities their pay reflects that,” said superintendent Brad Starnes. 

Girls cross country runs away with league title

The Girls Cross Country team walked away from the Mid-East League meet in Riley as champions — three ladies finishing within the top 10.  Freshman Peyton Wurtz finished first with a time of 20:13, making her the first individual champion since Maddie Hess in 2016. Junior Rebekah Stuhlatz and Sophomore Sophia Castillo finished fourth and seventh respectively. 

Letter to the Editor | Charger should emphasize positives

This is in response to the October 7 editorial “Destructive behavior reflects poorly on entire student body” that was published in the Wabaunsee High School student newspaper, The Charger. To clarify, the opinion article “Destructive behavior reflects poorly on entire student body” contained misleading statements. Rather than focusing on negative events, the positive outcomes from these life lessons are what should be sought after. 

Debler eliminates competition in assassin game

After reading “The Most Dangerous Game” the freshman class prepared to participate in a game of their own, involving betrayal, heartbreak and justice.  “It’s a fun way to make the stories come alive, and I think it’s a nice break from essays and worksheets,” English 1 teacher Brendan Praeger said.

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