Program to address ineligible students

Abby Oliver, @AbbyOliver27

WHS staff plans to implement a new academic intervention program for students who are ineligible or failing class.

WHS already has an academic intervention program called ZAP (Zeros Aren’t Permitted), although it only applies to students with a failing grade and missing assignments in a particular class.

“This is intervention for students that are ineligible,” WHS principal Jan Hutley said. “If a student is failing a class, then their teacher for that class fills out a pass for advisor base. Then puts the pass in the box of that student’s advisor base teacher. At the start of advisor base, that student will report to the failing class.”

Students will continue to report to that class until the grade improves to a passing grade. Hutley wants WHS students to be as active and involved as possible, but to remember to prioritize the important things.

“I always go back to putting first things first and that is academics,” Hutley said. “But I also want them to be involved, because I think that’s a part of a successful school. My biggest goal is to keep kids eligible and to assist them in prioritizing their academics.”

WHS staff is gradually working to implement this new program.

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