Freshman assassin begins Thursday at dawn

Update: The game has concluded. Kara Hafenstine is the 2018 Assassin champion! Check next week’s Charger for more coverage of the event.


Freshman assassin, a game played while reading Richard Connell’s “The Most Dangerous Game,” begins Thursday at dawn.

Freshmen English students will hunt assigned targets until only one challenger remains.

Follow the progress throughout the day.

The challengers:

Emma Alderman

Bryce Andrews

Brady Bayless

Brooklyn Bayless

Marek Boatwright

Aiden Boeckman

Justin Carlson

Kaelyn Conrad

Jacob Daley

Ashlyn Dugger

Celia Emmert

CJ Glotzbach

Kara Hafenstine

Maddie Havenstein

Jackson Havenstein

Sydney Holthaus

Kyndal Maike

Andrew McMindes

Christian McMindes

Eli McDaniel

Brayden Meseke

Mayah Mumpower

Cade Oliver

Abby Ratts

Hannah Ratts

Madison Schurle

Lauren Schutter

Gaige Smith

Sarah Vanstory

Eli Wade

Richard Wagner

Cameron Yell

Caden Yonke


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