Students attend SAFE conference

Jayna Keller @whscharger

Fourteen students from Wabaunsee High School SAFE Club attended the Kansas Teen Transportation Safety Conference October 2-3.

The goal of the conference was to help educate students on the dangers of distracted driving and the consequences of those decisions.

Students participated in five different sessions over the two days. Throughout the day, there were plenty of different speakers to listen to, driving simulations and different booths set up for the students to get more information.

SAFE has many different ideas for the upcoming year. The group plans to invite Miss Kansas to come speak to WHS, speak to the elementary schools on the importance of seatbelts and conduct seatbelt surveys to have an idea how many students actually wear their seatbelts. One of the sessions was for the SAFE teams to come up with new ideas for their school. “We are invited to learn ideas, more ways to be safe, new laws, changes in technology and ways we can inspire others,” SAFE Sponsor Marilyn Workman said.

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