Opinion|Twenty One Pilots album a step forward

Emma Frey


The highly anticipated fifth studio album, Trench, from Twenty One Pilots was released October 5th following the band’s year-long hiatus.

Everyone either loves this band or loves to hate them. Eighth grade emo Emma would be dying inside right now, but as for sophomore Emma, I kind of thought that Twenty One Pilots was a phase for me. I knew the album was coming, but I wasn’t really excited until it actually dropped.

This is definitely a different album for the band. While it includes a few thought-provoking and in-depth songs, true to their nature, it also features some fun songs that showcase the cryptic storyline behind Trench. Songs like “Neon Gravestones,” “Legend” and “Smithereens” seem to have a more personal meaning to lead singer, Tyler Joseph. These include his opinions on how the media deals with suicide, a song about his late grandfather, and a song that tells of the extreme lengths he would go to to protect his wife, respectively. These are my favorite types of songs because you can truly tell how someone feels and what they’re going through and can apply them to yourself.

Conversely, songs like “Bandito”, “Leave the City” and “Nico and the Niners” tell the story of Clancy, a fictional character modeled from Tyler, and his escape from Dema, a fictional city that is meant to represent Tyler’s fears and anxieties that hold him back.

Overall, I was kind of apprehensive for the release of the album. I was worried that Twenty One Pilots would become a sell-out band that only tried to cater to a certain demographic, (eighth grade emo girls, i.e. Emma two years ago) but I was pleasantly surprised to find a few songs I actually liked, my favorite being “Chlorine.” My favorite line is “Venom on my tongue, dependent at times; poisonous vibrations; help my body run… the moment is medical” because it shows how chlorine is a poison and it will kill you, but it’s also used as a cleaning agent. This analogy relates to Tyler in the sense of music. It’s cleansing for him to write his feelings and opinions down in a constructive way, but it’s still damaging to him to have to look at those thoughts written down and sing them over and over again when he’d rather just forget. That’s a pretty relatable topic for most people. It’s always nice to express how you feel but it’s sort of like beating a dead horse when you can’t ever get it off of your mind.

Although their style of music isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I definitely believe that anyone and everyone can find at least one song that they can relate to or enjoy from Twenty One Pilots.

Music tends to be a common outlet for people, and I’m no exception. Everyone should definitely check out Trench or some of the band’s older albums and give them a try.

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