S.A.F.E. and SADD promote Red Ribbon Week

Senior Bailey Coon works on stickers for Red Ribbon Week.  Numbers will be drawn throughout the week for students to win prizes.

National event promotes drug awareness

Emma Frey, @_emmafrey_

A Wabaunsee club hopes to keep kids drug free.

The week of October 23-30 is nationally recognized as Red Ribbon Week. The national campaign is sponsored by National Family Partnership, and the Wabaunsee S.A.F.E. and SADD clubs are promoting the event within the school.

S.A.F.E. and SADD co-presidents Bailey Coon said “The goal of the week is to get the word out about Red Ribbon Week because drugs are a really bad thing. I don’t think drugs are a big problem at WHS compared to other schools.” She hopes the events of Red Ribbon Week will help keep it that way.

The club is promoting activities throughout the week to raise awareness on the topic of drug abuse including a school-wide drawing and speakers on Thursday.

Trooper Luka Henderson will be joining the students to speak on the topic “What you don’t know Can hurt you” – the truth about drugs, along with John O’Leary from LIVE INSPIRED.

Red Ribbon Week events:

Monday: Bracelets will be handed out at A/B. Enjoy a celestial Milky Way treat on your locker after lunch!

Tuesday: Dress as a Tourist, heading out to your favorite vacation site! Be drug free on your travels!

Wednesday: City-wide wear red day

Thursday: 9:15- 10:30 Speakers: Trooper Luka Henderson “What you don’t know Can hurt you”- the truth about drugs, and John O’Leary – LIVE INSPIRED! Everyone gets a live inspired bracelet!


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