Little Munchkins Pumpkin Patch a family affair

Little Munchkins Pumpkin Patch continues to bring visitors to the community for another season.

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Jarrod and Cori Meseke run the patch, located 1.5 miles north of Alma on Highway 99. The pumpkin patch first opened in the fall of 2008 and is open every weekend in October along with Friday afternoons. The patch will be open 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday, November 3.

Cori made the decision of opening the pumpkin patch after having her first son. “I fell in love with my baby Jude and decided I would never be separated from him, so I decided to do this to have an extra income for the household,” Cori said.

To keep a pumpkin patch running it takes hard work, long hours and sacrifice. To help out, Jarrod and Cori’s five kids help with the chores at the patch during the season. After school and on the weekends the kids help plant the pumpkins, pull the weeds and care for the animals. “It teaches them work ethic,” Cori said, “And I hope they will carry it on.” Once the children become older, Jarrod and Cori hope to pass it onto them.

Not only does the pumpkin patch take lots of work, it takes away their free time during the season. With the kids becoming older, more challenges have come up with working around their schedules. Jarrod and Cori are very thankful for Jarrod’s parents for being able to help out during the season by watching the kids and taking them to their sporting events along with making cookies for the customers. They are also thankful for carpooling with extended family and friends.

Cori enjoys seeing the gratified customers come each weekend and each year. “When they come out here, they’ve had a great time and that’s the biggest payoff,” Cori said.

The pumpkin patch also gives opportunities for high school students to make a little money during October. “I like seeing all the different kids and their families spending time and having fun together,” junior Alexis Hafenstine said.

The pumpkin patch is $10 for ages 2 to 14, but free for adults and children under the age of 2.

Activities include a train ride around the patch, a hedge ball slingshot, multiple slides, ziplines, hay bales to jump on, a petting zoo and a walking trail. Pumpkins and participating in the paint ball shooting gallery are an extra cost. The pumpkin patch also has different food trucks scheduled for the season (Smokin’ Wille’s BBQ will be there Saturday and Sunday) and a concession stand for food. It also offers reservations throughout the week for daycares, birthdays and other groups for small ages.

For more information about Little Munchkins Pumpkin Patch go

— Kaytlyn Meseke, @kaytlyn_nelle

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