Football ends season in first round of playoffs

The football team ended its season with a 1-7 record.

The team made it to the playoffs, and played it’s final game Thursday vs. Troy, losing 54-21. The team’s only win came against Northern Heights, with a score of 16-7.

The team graduates several seniors: Tanner Imthurn, Travis McCall, Conner Brown, Austin Magette, Jarett Bolinder, Austen Bonnette, Logan Brown and Noah Mills.

“We didn’t have the year we expected, but we’re excited for the direction that the program is going,” senior Tanner Imthurn said.

The team gained four freshmen, many of which played some varsity. Cade Oliver played an especially big role, taking on the quarterback position.

“It’s good to see us younger kids playing, and we’re excited for the future,” freshman Brayden Meseke said.

While they will lose several valuable players, the team will also have players returning with experience, and can build off of what they did well this season, or get rid of the things that didn’t work for them.

A high point of the season was all the changes in the football program, which helped get the team on track, setting future teams up for success.

Although the boys didn’t end up with the good record they hoped to have, they accomplished a lot this year.

“I’m really proud of them this season. It may not always show up in the win-loss column, but they definitely fought hard and helped change a lot of things about the football program at Wabaunsee that people will start to see payoff in upcoming seasons,” head coach Rutledge said.

— Kendyl Bolinder, @BolinderKendyl

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