3 WHS students vote for 1st time

Senior Kylie Evans poses with her “I Voted” sticker Tuesday morning outside of the American Legion in Alma. Photo by Abby Oliver.

3 of 8 eligible students registered to vote

Three WHS students voted for the first time Tuesday morning.

Luke Barber, Kylie Evans and Dillon Spellman cast their votes in this weeks election. “I feel like an adult,” Evans said. “I can now say I had a part in the state government.” “I feel like a true American and can now complain like all the old people,” Barber said. Evans cast her vote during first block Tuesday morning, while Barber and Spellman voted before school.

Barber, Evans and Spellman were three out of eight qualified seniors who registered to vote in this year’s election, making the voting percentage 37.5 percent. This is consistent with the national average of registered voters in the last mid-term election in 2014. “I wish the percentage of people voting was higher, people need to do their part,” U.S. Government teacher Jess Rutledge said. “If people want their opinions to be well represented, voting is the only way to do that.”

Barber and Spellman registered unaffiliated. “I dislike the division created by the political parties,” Spellman said. “I feel like there are no good options.” “I wanted to vote on what would be the best for the economy, not a political party,” Barber said. Evans, however registered Republican. “It’s what I grew up around,” Evans said.

Although Rutledge wants students to vote, he doesn’t talk about specific candidates in his classes. “I don’t talk about any candidates in class as I feel that it is important for them to educate themselves on political views,” Rutledge said.

— Sean Dugger, Hannah Mumpower, @seandugger01, @Hlmump01

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