CAD building model of WHS

Luke Barber and Dillon Spellman work on the base for a model of the WHS main building. “We build stuff, make stuff, and draw stuff,” Barber said.

Students hope to compete at tech fair

CAD students are creating a model of the main building of WHS.

Computer Aided Drafting students Luke Barber, Sean Dugger, Dillon Spellman and Kinsey Stuewe have been working on a model of the main building of Wabaunsee High School. The model will be 4 percent scale or 1/24th the actual size — roughly 5 by 6 feet.

The students are taking on the project in hopes of competing in a competition at the Fort Hays Tech Fair April 21. “We were on our way home from the Tech Fair last year and Luke was like ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a 3D model of the whole town?’ And we had to talk him down to one building and that’s the building we chose,” Stuewe said.

Sean Dugger and Kinsey Stuewe measure Brendan Praeger English classroom for the WHS model. “A lot of the measurements don’t make sense,” Dugger said.

The students measured every inch of the building because no plans of the building exist. The CAD students are using a computer aided drafting system called Autodesk Revit to create the building plans. The plans will then be used to create the model, a mostly wooden structure with 3D printed plastic pieces.

“Most of the students on this project are in their third year,” CAD teacher Amy Cassell said. “So this project adds that extra level to the class.”

The students have experienced a few issues while working on the model. “One of the biggest struggles was not being able to find the original plans for the building,” Stuewe said, “So we then had to go measure everything.”

The students plan on having the exterior of the plans done by winter break and have the rest of the spring leading up to the Tech Fair to finish the interior of the building.

— Hannah Mumpower, @Hlmump01

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