Former WHS student developing rap career

Former Wabaunsee student Mason Schwemmer, also known as Schwem, is a local artist making his start in the music industry. Check out his new album “L;FE” November 30. 

Q: What made you want to go into music?  A: Music has always been the only piece of my life that feels free/ comfortable. I’ve never felt in place doing stuff like work, school, sport, to even kickin’ it with friends. I want to do music so I can help people help themselves, just like I’ve done. I feel like I was meant to create this music that brings people together and builds them up. Although I’m not religious.

Q: When and how did you start recording?  A: I started recording myself in 2015, but I started going to a recording studio in 2017, to improve quality because I wasn’t really doing it right. To start I used a program called audacity, fruity loops, and a $70 mic from a music store and just my computer, and some random soundproofing material like egg cartons.

Find Shwemmer’s work on Spotify, Youtube, iTunes, and Google play, or see him live the following dates:

Nov. 30 –  Topeka – Album Release Party & No Industry Standard Tour

Dec. 1 – Topeka – with Haystak

Dec. 21 – Topeka – with Twisted Insane

Dec. 22 – Kansas City – with TWISTED INSANE

Q: How did you get your rap name? A: I originally went by schwemdalabim then I kind of got sick of that so I changed it to Schwem. It’s part of my last name.

Q: What are you currently working on? A: I’m about to push out my 2nd album on all platforms like iTunes, Spotify, etc… and I’m working on finishing a mixtape that’ll come out after the album.

Also work on doing bigger shows.

Q: What are some challenges people don’t know?  A: I gotta say the most challenging part of making music and pursuing it as a career is keeping your head in it. As someone who struggles with depression pretty often, it gets difficult to continue to put yourself in that mind state. Confidence, Energy, & Passion are things that a successful artist must constantly strain & rebuild.

You have to stay motivated.

Q: How has your work progressed throughout the years?  A: It’s becoming very diverse in style compared to older songs I’ve made to open the demographic to a less specific audience. I’ve also been trying to focus on quality and professionalism.

Q: How are you marketing your music? And where do you see your music taking you?  A: Marketing through social media like Facebook, Snapchat,Youtube & Instagram. My distribution is handled through a company called DistroKid. Honestly I see myself going all the way. I’ll either die rich or get famous after I pass.

Q: Do you see this turning into a career?  A: That’s what I’m trying to do.

Q: What are you going to do to turn this into a career?  A: I’m always trying to find different ways to market.

Q: Do your album names mean anything?  A: My new album is L;fe. I called it L;fe because it tells a story, it’s like an emotional journey, sort of like an odyssey. It’s how you wake up and it’s like the boiling point. Then throughout the day it like fluctuates. It just happens everyday its like a cycle. That’ what my album is about.

Q: Do you have any songs that mean anything to you?  A: All my songs mean something special to me in a different way. My favorite song is nosebleeds, I like the way it sounds it’s fun to sing.

Q: What are some steps to getting a producer/record label?  A: Just reaching out, doing shows, and talking to people you don’t know. Whether it be face to face, over facebook, just trying to reach out and it just comes together.

Q:  Do you have any advice to younger kids wanting to do something like this?  A: Ain’t nothing but to do it. Just stick with it.

— Laurel Barber, @Lawl_e_20

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