New P.E. teacher starts at WHS

P.E. teacher Garret Eck works in the weightroom during body fitness. Eck graduated from Emporia in December. Photo by Sierra Quathamer.

Eck hopes to promote fitness

New P.E. teacher Garrett Eck’s workout habits show that he is passionate about his subject.

“I decided to go into body fitness because I was originally out of shape and it really brought back my life and I wanted to help people get back in shape and push themselves in the weight room,” Eck said.

Eck replaces interim teacher Shanna Perine, who held the position for the first semester this year.

Eck attended Cloud County Community College to play baseball where he got his associates of science. After CCCC he went to Emporia State for his Bachelors of science in secondary education and minor in coaching. Eck student taught at Emporia High School and was an assistant football coach.

Eck, who graduated from Marysville in 2013, was intrigued by the job at Wabaunsee because it is a small school like where he is from and it was a great opportunity to teach right out of college.

His goals for the semester include getting more weight classes and more students in class instead of just having a couple of students in each period.

Challenges Eck has faced from starting later in the year are that the students already have a routine that they were used to and learning everybody’s names.

“My biggest goal for the year is to turn things around to get the kids to where they want to lift. They just want to go play games out in the gym. I want to get more kids in weights overall,” Eck said.

— Laurel Barber, @Lawl_e_20


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