Wabaunsee district hires social worker

Wabaunsee gained a new staff member, Melissa Watson, as the district Crosswinds School-Based Case Manager.

Watson will continue working with her current Crosswinds clients, some of whom are in Wabaunsee schools. She will provide social and emotional support to any K-12 students. In the future, she hopes to provide group work and in-service trainings.

Annie Frank, who is employed by the district’s service education cooperative with Rock Creek and Wamego, will still work primarily with students on IEPs.

Watson said her role will provide several benefits to the district. “The number one benefit will be bridging the services between the school and Crosswinds. I will be able to provide services to students that might not be able to get services and facilitate the referral process for Crosswinds. Another benefit is I am more accessible for crisis situations and I am able to implement necessary interventions.”

Staff members have been instructed to complete a Google Form recording observations of students displaying red flags. They will refer any students who exhibit alarming behaviors, such as isolation or other apparent struggles to Watson. Teachers are urged to call, text, or email her in crisis situations, when immediate help is needed.

“I am working with teachers and principals to identify crisis situations that may need immediate assessment and interventions that I can provide,” Watson said.

— Kendyl Bolinder, @BolinderKendyl

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