Students learn practical skills at Washburn Tech

This semester five students are attending Washburn Tech to get a new outlook on the classroom.

Juniors Dalton Turner, Frank Gilbert, Tucker Thomas, Austin Davis and Tyler Clark attend Washburn Tech every morning. Last year senior David Cebulski attended Washburn Rural as a junior and continues this year.

Students attend Washburn Tech to get a head start on their career for the future. To get the chance to attend Washburn they must take an Accuplacer test. If they pass, there are certain programs they can go into.

“The idea was promoted that it was available and a great opportunity for those students going into the technical field,” counselor Marilyn Workman said.

Students have a hands on learning experience where they can get a better understanding of what their career will entail. “I go to advance myself for the real world,” Gilbert said, “It advances my career in welding.”

During class they take apart engines and learn more about the field they are going into. Davis studies diesel mechanics, Thomas and Turner study automotive technology. Gilbert and Clark study welding.

“Industrial companies hired people out of Washburn, I get discounted tuition at Washburn University, and it’s just great learning all around,” Cebulski said.

— Laurel Barber, @lawl_e_20

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