Chicken Pattys to be served every day at WHS

Students have voiced concerns about lunches since August, and the school is finally taking action to improve the dining options at WHS.

Starting April 1, a chicken patty or spicy chicken patty will be served every day for lunch.

“Chicken patties are chosen every week which shows the student’s interest,” school delicioness consultant Chef Boyardee said.

The change will extend to first and second lunch as well as side options. Example changes include chicken and waffles being chicken patty on chicken patty, mashed potatoes being mashed chicken patty, pancakes with syrup will be chicken patty with syrup and so on.

“I just love chicken patties,” senior Luke Barber said. “It is like a dream come true.”

An exception will be made on Fridays where a single head of lettuce will be served. “It is what will complete the chicken patty in a vegetable food pyramid,” USD 329 nutritionist Diane Breiner said.

This change is believed to reduce cost of operating and storage. Fridges will be replaced with larger freezers to accommodate the increase in chicken patty usauge. A rotating circular chicken patty fryer will be installed to take away the need of transporting cooked chicken patties.

“I have to get a fryer for home,” senior Dillon Spellman said. “It could be a wonderful disc display and could be used to cook those delicious circular chicken concoctions.”

A chicken patty was asked to comment on the change but was promptly eaten by a bystander who couldn’t resist the urge. A spicy chicken patty was also asked but declined after a series of very spicy comments.   

— Sean Dugger, @seanduggre01


Happy April Fools day from the Charger!

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