Wabaunsee to change Charger mascot to Watusi

The USD 329 board is bored of Charlie the Charger.

A group of concerned community members addressed the board last week, arguing that the Charger logo was little more than a blue mustang. They also expressed concern that the Charger, typically a war horse, was too violent a mascot for the peaceful Wabaunsee community.

The board members discussed several options including anteaters, whales, worms and waterfowl. After more than seven hours of debate, the board voted 7-0 to adapt the new mascot: the Watusi.

Watusi Design
The new WHS logo will appear on football helmets and uniforms next season.


A watusi is a breed of domestic cattle characterized by very large horns. Watusis tend to stick together along with being an active and social species. The board gravitated towards the animal because its characteristics represent Wabaunsee’s students well.

“I think a watusi is an odd choice for a mascot, especially since I’ve never heard of one, but it makes our school different and I think that’s cool,” freshman Brayden Meseke said.

Not only is the Watusi an animal, but was also a popular dance move in the 1960s. The board members thought this was a plus because the cheerleaders could now do the dance while the pep band plays “Wah-Watusi” by the Orlans to pump up the crowd.

“I always liked dancing to “School Spirit”, but I think this change will be good and make our school unique,” junior Jordan Magette said.

FFA adviser Danny Davis is excited to begin raising Watusis as a school project. “If they graze on the practice field we can also save on mowing costs,” Davis said.

To change the mascot many modifications will be needed around the district, but the board is aware of the cost for these modifications. To do so small funding cuts will be made throughout the summer before the start of the school year.

— Kaytlyn Meseke, @Kaytlyn_nelle


Happy April Fools Day from the Charger!

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