Wabaunsee to cut all sports to fund building repairs

Wabaunsee has been struggling for many years with many different maintenance problems around the school. Some include holes in ceiling, broken boilers and a broken awning.

As a solution, USD 329 decided to cut all sports from the school district to fund required maintenance. Board members argued that the educational growth of the students was more important than athletics.

Between the money from buses, coaches, uniforms and hiring officials, the school anticipates a savings of about  $1,300.

“This is really great. Reading is why I am here, I love not having the distractions of sports,” junior Hannah Mumpower said.

The students will have more time to take on different clubs and activities offered by the school. Students can now take poetry reading, attend more choir and band rehearsals and meet new friends.

“I will miss going to volleyball games but I’m more excited to see poetry readings and more concerts,” parent Angie Barber said.

— Laurel Barber, @Lawl_e_20


Happy April Fools Day from the Charger!

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