Senior English students create community projects

WHS college English students are demonstrating important life skills with their end of the year projects.

The seniors are working to create and present projects over something they want to improve in the school or community.

The project consists of different types of expository papers, such as persuasive, problem/solution and research.

“I chose this project for my college composition students,” English teacher Laura Delfelder said, “because it offers a more practical approach to why having the skills to write these essays is important.” After complete the project, the seniors will put together a presentation for the appropriate audience.

“The kids have picked some really interesting projects,” Delfelder said.

Seniors Dillion Spellman, Meredith Hess and Sean Dugger are looking to create a disc golf course with their project.

“It’s a wonderful, casual activity for family,” Spellman said. “It also gives kids in the community an opportunity for a course to practice on, and to spark an interest in disc golfing.”

Unfortunately, like many of the projects, a lack of funds creates problem to complete the project. “We are looking into different fundraising options for things like disc baskets and the cement,” Spellman said. “Since we plan to build the course at McKnight Park, we also will need to convince the community of this idea.”

Seniors Conner Brown, Tanner Imthurn and Alyssa Lohmeyer have another project that will need much convincing.  “Our project has to do with building a new school in McFarland,” Brown said. “ The new school will hold all grades, K-12.”

Even though they may not be able to complete the project by themselves, the seniors are doing plenty of research to convince their audience of why this school is a better alternative.

“We have met with an architect to see if our idea is even possible,” Imthurn said. “With this new school, we believe it will create more unity throughout our district.”

Overall, WHS seniors are optimistic about what they will learn from their projects.

“By interviewing people and having to look at all aspects of the problem, we are able to improve our ability some important life skills,” senior Maddie Alderman said.

— Abby Oliver, @AbbyOliver

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