WHS spring sports coaches respond to regional assignments

Baseball will host regionals this year, which will take place May 13 and 15. Also participating in the tournament are Burlingame, Mission Valley, Lebo/Waverly, Lyndon, Northern Heights, Olpe/Hartford, and Rossville.

“This is the first time that 2-1A has had regionals with more than 5 or 6 teams. With 8 teams, there is no pitching advantage for the #1 or #2 seeds anymore as they will have to play quarterfinal games now, instead of just moving into the semi finals with a first round bye.  Otherwise, for our specific regional, there are some quality teams and there will be some good matchups. No matter what seed you end up with, it will take a very strategic and efficient game plan to advance,” coach Jeron Weisshaar said.

The softball team will compete in regionals at McLouth High School on May 13 and 14. McLouth will also host Atchison County, Mission Valley, Oskaloosa, Rossville, Troy, and Valley Falls.

“It’s gonna be very tough, there are a lot of good teams. There are eight teams in it compared to the usual five, so the chances of one of them being good is higher. I don’t know how they divided them up, but ours is very top heavy,” coach Brian Henry said.

The track team is to compete at Jefferson County North High School on May 17 against Valley Heights, Atchison County, Mission Valley, Horton, Jackson Heights, Bishop Seabury Academy, Lyndon, McLouth, Heritage Christian Academy, Oskaloosa, Kansas City Christian, Central Heights, Rossville, Maranatha Christian Academy and Jefferson County North.

“It’s kind of early to start telling whether it’s an easy regional or a tough regional, so that’s going to shake out. It’s a lot of the teams we usually see at a regional meet. How we’re going to compete with them, it takes later in the season to actually know that,” coach Roger Alderman said.

Check out all regional assignments at the links below:




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