Local banks give out root beer floats, donuts to celebrate community banking week

For WHS students, Root Beer Float Day is one of the best days of the year.

For community bank week, the local banks end the week by giving out free treats and items. Stockgrowers State Bank makes root beer floats and Bank of the Flint Hills gives out donuts and branded items, including hats, piggy banks and sunglasses.

According to Stockgrowers State Bank customer service representative Angie Boeckman, 2019 marks the twentieth year that the banks have participated in Root Beer Float Day. It began when Stockgrowers, then called First National Bank, gave out floats in branded mugs. It has since grown in popularity.

“It was so popular every year. Every year it’s just grown and grown,” Boeckman said. Last year Stockgrowers served 485 root beer floats last year, with the all-time record being 520.

Throughout the day, WHS students beg teachers to take the class on a short walk downtown.

“It’s so nice outside and it’s great to get out of school for ice cream,” freshman Lauren Schutter said.

Children from Adventure Time Daycare took a walk to Stockgrowers State Bank for root beer floats.

— Emma Frey, @_emmafrey_

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