Is the old Taylor still dead?

To celebrate the impending release of a new Swift album, Laurel Barber and Kaytlyn Meseke discuss her importance in their lives

Who’s your favorite artist who writes songs about her exes? That’s right it’s T. Swift.

Taylor Swift has recently released a new single, which has made us look back at our childhood and how much she impacted it.

Swift started her music career in 2006 when she released her first album, “Taylor Swift.” Once Swift became bigger and bigger we became big fans of her and created childhood memories.

Kaytlyn Meseke: “My earliest memory of being a Swiftie is always looking out my bedroom window expecting my neighbor to be a cute boy my age just like “You Belong with Me.  Another memory I have is jumping on my bed to “Jump Then Fall” and leaning over the railing of my footboard with Laurel, so we would literally jump then fall.”

Laurel Barber: “My earliest memory of T. Swift was when her “Fearless” album dropped and Kaytlyn and I sang every song at the top of our lungs,” Barber said.

We personally find Swift important to us because it’s a huge part of our childhood.

LB: “T. Swift is important because Taylor Swift was the first artist I was allowed to listen to that Alissa could also listen to.”

KM: “She’s important to me because most of my childhood memories come from jumping on my bed jamming out to her songs.”

Along with jamming out, we would recreate her music videos when we would get together during our play dates.

Then after 2 other country albums, Swift created an album in 2012 called “Red.” This album is what many people call her transition stage from country to pop. We feel that this album wasn’t awful, but we could feel the change and became disappointed.

After her transition album, her “1989” album came out in 2014 where she was no longer a country artist but a pop artist. And more recently has came out with her ‘reputation’ album that has a few bangers.

LB: “New Taylor is good you can’t argue with that but old Taylor speaks to the heart of good ol’ music from when you were a little kid.”

KM: “New Taylor Swift will probably never be as good as Old Taylor Swift. Yes her songs are catchy and she probably reaches more fans just because more people like pop than country, but it’s just not my thing. I feel like with her new songs I wouldn’t do all the things I did when I was younger because it wouldn’t have related to me at that age. And yes I know… most of that stuff I wasn’t going through as a 6 year old.”

With a wide range of songs to choose from we have our personal favorite that we find relatable.

KM: “The song I personally relate to the most is probably “The Best Day” because it just explains growing up in a smaller town and looking back on those days.”

LB: “The most relatable song I relate to is “Mean” because Kaytlyn and I were made fun of because we were chubby and not funny.”

KM: “Nobody made fun of us during this time. We were living our best lives and never upset with how we looked or how we acted.”

And now the question is why is Taylor Swift such a big deal? Why should people listen to her?

KM: “I think people should listen to Swift because I think you can always find a song for what you are going through. But for sure going through a breakup is when to listen to her because all of her songs are about her awful breakups.”

LB: “People should listen to T. Swift because she speaks to your sad lonely soul because you are single. She can also make any bad decision turn into a good one with a single song.”

Last week, Swift released a new single for her upcoming album. The single is called “ME!” and features Brendon Urie from “Panic! At The Disco”. This single is very different from her last album. “ME!” seems very simple, and its music video includes pastel colors and whimsical features. In her last album, Swift left the “Old Taylor” in the past, but in this single it seems like she is slightly going back to her transition stage.

LB: I really liked the new Taylor Swift song. It really was a different song than what everyone is used to hearing from her and she went out on a limb to try and do something completely different. It was one of my favorite songs that she has produced. The music video was not what everyone was expecting from Tay Tay but it kept people interested in the video the whole time because you never knew where it was going.

KM: To be honest, this song isn’t my favorite. It’s different for Taylor and I appreciate that she’s trying newer styles. The music video makes this song ten times better. I feel about half way through this song it gets boring, but with the video it keeps me watching and listening. I can’t imagine anybody really jamming out to this song in the car or while jumping on their bed, so I’m a little disappointed about that.

— Laurel Barber and Kaytlyn Meseke, @lawl_e_20, @kaytlyn_nelle

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