Meet the 2019-20 Charger staff

Editors in Chief

Eleanor Badeker, senior

Twitter: @ellybadeker

3 years in journalism

“I joined journalism originally to please my mother, but I’ve stayed in the class because it is such a fun, open-minded environment.”

Beats: FCCLA, Scholar’s Bowl, Forensics, Art, District Office, Maintenance

Kaytlyn Meseke, senior

Insta: kaytlyn.meseke, Twitter @kaytlyn_nelle

3 years in journalism

“I really thought joining the newspaper sounded fun my sophomore year, but then I started to enjoy it and decided to keep doing it”

Beats: Tennis, NHS, FACS, Journalism, AES/MHES

Staff Writers

Laurel Barber, senior

Twitter: @Lawl_e_20

3 years in journalism

“I wanted to be in journalism because I wanted to learn more about the students problems and I wanted to be a part of what the students of WHS read.”

Beats: FBLA, Fitness Club, Physical Education

Kendyl Bolinder, junior

Twitter: @Bolinderkendyl

2 years in journalism

“My mom put a lot of pressure on me to take it, but it turned out I was actually pretty decent at it.”

Beats: Softball, Yellow Ribbon, Music

Emma Frey, junior


2 years in journalism

“I enjoy writing and I like the different experiences you gain through journalism.”

Beats: Football, Cheer, Applied Technology

Hannah Mumpower, Senior

Twitter: @Hlmump01

2 years in journalism

“I joined journalism because I was good at writing and it sounded like a fun thing to be a part of. I came back this year because I loved environment and atmosphere we had and I found out that it was a super fun class.”

Beats: Wrestling, KAYs, Science, Spanish, Music

Brendan Dugger, senior

1st year in journalism

“I joined because I needed to fill a class spot and newspaper seemed like a good class and I heard good things about it.”

Beats: Track, Skills USA, Math, and Technology

Mayah Mumpower, sophomore

Twitter: @MayahMumpower

1st year in journalism

“I joined journalism because I enjoy writing. It sounded like a fun class to take and I knew I would get a great experience out of it.”

Beats: Girls Basketball, Baseball, Stuco, and Social Studies

Lauren Schutter, Sophomore

Twitter: @schutterlauren, Instagram: @lauren.schutter

1st year in journalism

“I decided to join journalism because I enjoy reading and writing, plus it seems like a fun class and a good experience.”

Beats: Volleyball, Boys Basketball, FCA, English, and PJH/PMS.

Austin Henderson, Junior

1st year in journalism

“I haven’t been the best at writing stories, so I thought this might be a good opportunity to improve my skills in this type of field. Plus with the new class schedules, I thought it would be a good pick.”

Beats: Cross Country, Drama, SADD/SAFE, FFA, Ag

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