Throwback Thursday | Volleyball team returns to state

Throwback Thursday | Every Thursday this year the Charger is looking back on the history of WHS. Check each week for stories from old newspapers and yearbooks, and maybe some new reporting as well.

Volleyball team returns to state

Slam! Another spike, another kill for the lady charger volleyball team. The lady chargers united to build a powerful program. Adjusting to both a new head coach and assistant coach the team fought its way to the best finish in charger volleyball history. 

The team prevailed as Mid-East League champions. They continued to play well, conquering their opponents at sub-state. Taking first provided the chargers with a state tournament berth. Many fans followed the team to Hays to support them in their second consecutive state appearance. Overcoming large point deficits, the chargers emerged victorious. Capturing third at the state play-offs was the season’s climax.

The team was driven by three strong leaders: all-league players Nivole Dinkins, Jodi Hick, and Stacy Vopata. Nicole and Stacy also received all state honors. 

The spirit of this team was undaunted by minor set-backs enabling them to achieve major success. 

— From “Faces,” the 1994 Wabaunsee High School yearbook, edited by Kerry Hillard and advised by Karen Johnson

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