Wabaunsee student handbook undergoes changes

The WHS Student Handbook received some modifications over the summer.

The handbook states that its purpose is to serve as an aid in understanding school policies.

Last year, the government class went through the handbook and suggested changes using a legislative process. The revisions were submitted to Principal Jan Hutley. “There were very few that we weren’t able to implement this year,” Hutley said. “A lot of them were very common sense and needed to be changed.”

Several of the changes addressed outdated policies, like the ZAP and VPL changes.“There were inconsistencies with what things were in the handbook and what was actually being done at school,” Hutley said.

One major change in the handbook is the class schedule, which has been shifted from an 8-period block schedule to a 7-period day, with each class meeting every school day. This is a large adjustment for students. “I personally like it because I get bored easily and I can move around more,” said senior Gracie Huff.

A few amendments largely affect juniors and seniors. Open lunch is now allowed for seniors only, and senior hour has been eliminated to make better use of academic time.

Hutley said she feels that the changes were definitely positive. “I think we’re making efficient use of our school day, and I feel like students are active and energetic,” Hutley said.

Read the full student handbook, with changes highlighted: WHS student handbook

Here is a list of some major changes to the handbook:

• Twenty-five credits are required for graduation (down from 28) and Computer Applications is no longer a required class. This is because students can only take seven classes each year instead of eight.

• The ZAP (Zeros Aren’t Permitted) Program has been updated to reflect  ZAP is now Tuesday and Wednesday during AB.

• The Postsecondary Academic/Career Visit policies allow all students “5 excused absences for postsecondary institution or military visits while they attend WHS.”  Students must have a signed visit form from the institution.

• Seniors are no longer permitted to have “Senior hour,” an hour during second semester where they are not required to attend school.

• The Electronics policy has been revised with more specific policies.

• Public Displays of Affection (PDA) warnings and punishments are still outlined, but descriptions have been removed.

• The term “Simulated Tobacco (E-Cigarette)” has been added to the tobacco use and possession policy in accordance with state law.

• The dress code has been updated to allow hats and outdoor clothing with teacher discretion, and prohibit hazardous clothing.

• Hall passes have been updated to reflect the electronic process.

• Open lunch (the ability to spend the lunch period off campus) no longer available for juniors and is available for seniors only.

• VPL (Virtual Prescription Learning) has been removed from the handbook because it is no longer offered.

Eleanor Badeker, @ellybadeker

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