Football jamboree canceled due to flooding in Lyndon

Wabaunsee football won’t get a chance to test itself before it’s first game.

The football jamboree between Wabaunsee, St. Marys and Lyndon, originally set to take place at Lyndon tonight, has been canceled.

“Lyndon’s field was flooded and Lyndon did not want to travel despite both St. Marys and us making preparations to get our fields ready,” athletic director Jeron Weishaar said. 

KSHSAA has guidelines in place for the jamoree stating that “A jamboree consists of three (3) or four (4) member school teams. Two teams are not permitted. In addition five or more schools are not permitted.” This takes away the option of only playing against St. Marys. 

Trying to get another school to join the jamboree would have been nearly impossible. “Most other schools are in Jamboree’s of their own,” Weishaar said. 

Coach Jess Rutledge said he was frustrated by the lost opportunity for his team.

“It hurts us because we aren’t able to compete against other schools before our upcoming season next Friday,” Rutledge said. 

Rutledge said it was especially frustrating because Wabaunsee tried to make contingency plans for severe weather earlier this week. “They both said ‘we’ll be fine,” Rutledge said.

Wabaunsee has a three-year contract with St. Marys and Lyndon for a jamboree. 

The Chargers will open the season 2 p.m. September 7 against Christ Prep Academy.

— Laurel Barber, @Lawl_e_20

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