Throwback Thursday: Mark Your Time (1997 WHS Cross Country)

In honor of this afternoon’s home cross country meet, today’s Throwback Thursday looks at the 1996 Charger cross country team. The boys team finished first in league, third in regionals and third in the state. The girls team finished third in league and fifth at regionals.

Coach Charlie Gann said of the team: “I’ve had experiences I’d like the chance to do over. This cross country season has been like that. I’d like to do it over just for the fun of it.”

Come watch the Chargers run at home this afternoon. High school girls at 5 p.m. and boys at 5:45. The course is on the practice field East of the football field.

“Painting the Year,” the 1997 Charger Yearbook, was advised by Paul Gronquist. Kristie Stuewe did the cross country page.

Check out a map of the course from last year’s Charger.


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