Editorial: Sex trafficking presentation valuable for students

The editorial is the opinion of the Charger staff. Send letters to the editor to whscharger@gmail.com.

Terry Hund and Barry Feaker with the Topeka Rescue Mission spoke with students last Wednesday on the dangers and warning signs of sex trafficking. It was a worthwhile presentation for WHS students.

The speakers began by explaining what sex trafficking is and how to identify it. Sex trafficking is the exploitation of children and young adults for a monetary gain. Some signs of this may include having an older boyfriend, skipping school, and suddenly having many expensive items that they didn’t have before. Then, they explained ways for young adults to avoid sex trafficking and signs to report. All of their information was included on a handout given to students before the presentation.

The presentation was shown to students in a very straightforward manner. Feaker gave a very clear explanation on what these issues are and how to avoid them. He also spoke clearly on issues such as porn addictions and sex, something that is refreshing to hear cut and dry.

Often sex education in schoools is taught in abstinence-only methods and isn’t spoken about very clearly. When speakers are unafraid to discuss difficult topics they makes a better impact that resonates with students longer.

This was one of the most beneficial speakers that we have ever hosted at our school in the last few years. They spoke clearly and on a level that students can understand about an issue that affects people everywhere, no matter how small the community may be.

Sometimes presentations are not worth missing class time. We hope that in the future our school will continue to host worthwhile speakers.

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