Falling for Fall | Charger Writers show appreciation for the best season of the year

Excitement develops among students as we transition from summer into the cooler months of fall. The Charger staff shares some of their favorite things about this time of year.

Illustration by Ryan Grutsch.


Once the leaves turn colors, and the air gets a little bit crisper, my anticipation builds for the upcoming season. It’s all because of my love for one of the greatest things ever created: a mulligan.

Mulligans originated from hobos, who would each bring scraps of food and put them into a huge community pot over a campfire, creating a shared stew. The idea of the stew became a tradition in Wabaunsee County, where groups and families now gather to catch up and eat a similar stew, made out of meat, potatoes and vegetables.

Mulligans have become a big part of my life. Every fall, I can be found on my family’s ranch, enjoying the one they host, outside of the old Spring Creek Schoolhouse, or even the one on the last home football game. It’s a great time to catch up with family and friends, enjoy a good meal and take a hayrack ride.

— Kaytlyn Meseke


What makes fall the best time of year? Leaves changing, pumpkin carving, breaking out our cozy sweaters and, most importantly, fall food is back in season!

Caffeine addicts are making the switch from iced coffee to hot lattes. Our favorite snacks are being sold in seasonal pumpkin spice flavors. Halloween candy is cheap, and you can find shelves full of candy corn in every store.

Best of all, it’s finally the perfect temperature for soup! Chilli, mulligan, vegetable soup, potato soup, chicken and noodle soup, you name it! There is no better feeling than being snuggled up in a blanket in front of the television, sipping on spoonfuls of your favorite fall soup.

— Kendyl Bolinder


Holidays are one of the best parts about fall. Halloween is great for dressing up, eating candy, and going to haunted houses. People like to dress up as their favorite characters or just wear clothes that they wouldn’t normally wear. Another great part of Halloween is the movies. There are tons of horror movies and family movies to watch that begin showing at the beginning of October. For Thanksgiving, there is a lot of good food and family time. Everybody likes to eat and what is better than overeating and watching football or parades on TV.

— Mayah Mumpower

Haunted Houses

With spooky season comes haunted houses. Haunted Houses are a great place to go to get your heart thumping with an adrenaline rush, that is if you don’t chicken out first. Nothing beats paying to be scared out of your wits. For those of you seeking that heart pounding experience, head over to the Haunted Opera House in Wamego at 5th and Elm. The haunted house is open every Saturday in October as well as Halloween and a bonus after shock on November 2. Tickets are $10 a piece for a thrilling scary experience.

— Hannah Mumpower


The crisp chilly air that comes once a year at this time makes this time of year so much better.

The time for letterman jackets, flannels, and jeans to be breaking out of the back of your closets  is finally here. The morning air is so nice and cold that it gives you a perfect reason to keep your windows open all night long so that you can stay in bed cuddled up with your favorite quilt for an extra five minutes. The chilly air gives you a reason to cuddle up with your blankets and grab a cup of something warm to drink, or because you are from Wabaunsee, a nice warm bowl of mulligan.

— Laurel Barber


As someone who spends entirely too much money on candles and air fresheners, I become apprehensive for the fall months due to seasonal candles and scents finally being back in stock.

Not only are some of the best scents (pumpkin spice, cinnamon, maple, apple, and Christmas candles) going back on the shelves this time of year, but we get the best deals on our favorite summer scents during end-of-season sales as well. Lighting seasonal candles really helps set the mood, and makes this time of year all the more enjoyable — Kendyl Bolinder

Pumpkin Patches

Fall is already the best time of year with cooler weather, leaves changing colors, and the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. What makes fall even better though is getting to go to pumpkin patches with your family and friends. Pumpkin patches are important because they help bring people together during the fall months. They have lots of family-friendly activities for everyone to enjoy, such as going through corn mazes, visiting the petting zoo, and going on hayrack rides. Up your Instagram game by taking cute candid pictures at the patch and posting them on your social media. Pumpkin patches are also the best place for picking out your perfect pumpkin to take home and carve. Spending the day at the pumpkin patch is a must to have on your fall bucket list, so clear your calendar and head to a patch near you!

— Alexis Hafenstine


Summer ending may feel like a bummer to some, but the good news is that fall is filled with endless outfit ideas and many fashion opportunities for both girls and guys to have fun with!

With fall comes the inevitable change of scenery and weather, which brings about a change in fashion. This season is associated with beautiful colors that are great to incorporate into your outfits. It’s not hotter than fire, and not colder than ice, but the perfect temperature to break out some of our favorite garments. People are switching from flip flops to boots, T-shirts to sweatshirts, shorts to jeans, crop tops to sweaters, and bare-necks to scarves.

Fall brings a change in style that is the best part about the season changing.

— Brianna DeVader

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