Editorial: Returns to State Show Quality of Programs

Going to state in volleyball and cross country is a special occasion for most schools, but for Wabaunsee it has become routine.

Volleyball defeated Rossville to capture the sub-state championship and return to state for the second straight year, and the sixth time in nine seasons. There isn’t much room for improvement on a second place finish, but the team is shooting for a championship this weekend in Dodge City. We hope a lot of fans can make the road trip to cheer them on, as we have no school Friday due to conferences.

If you can’t drive across the state, it’s a much shorter journey to cheer on cross country in Wamego. The boys have qualified for the third year in a row, only the second WHS boys team to do that in any sport. The girls team is also headed to state, led by several underclassmen. They should be back for years to come.

Alderman’s cross country program benefits from a strong junior high team. Students enter as freshmen ready to compete. Volleyball’s continued success, over the tenure of two head coaches, is also a testament to the quality of junior high and youth programs.

We hope that the public realizes these accomplishments are no easy task. It has become almost expected for these teams to compete in state competition, and it has made success a tradition for under and upperclassmen alike. Tradition puts positive pressure on students to succeed.

These two programs are in high gear, giving other sports and programs at WHS something to aspire to.

The editorial is the opinion of the Charger staff. Send letters to the editor to whscharger@gmail.com.

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