Editorial: End of second breakfast frustrates some students

As of Monday, Second Breakfast is no longer available.

There are a few reasons behind the change, principal Jan Hutley explained. “I just think it’s unnecessary since we already have a first breakfast in the morning.”

Initial theories for the change revolved around students being tardy to class after getting second breakfast, but this is apparently not the case. Hutley explained that she has no intentions of bringing second breakfast back, but will alter first breakfast to make it more accessible to students. These changes include making first breakfast open longer along and adding more a la carte options that give students the chance to buy them in the morning and eat them whenever they want throughout the day.

While second breakfast seems unnecessary to someone like Mrs. Hutley, there are many students who utilize it on a regular basis. Junior Reagan Kelley said “I think it should stay, I’m upset. I use second breakfast because I am always hungry after weights.” Kelley also raised the concern of a la carte items being more expensive than standard breakfast items. If there is no issue with tardies or any other problem that is caused by second breakfast, what is the purpose in removing it?

Media tech Whitney Lynch checks out students in the morning. She gave us the usual numbers for first and second breakfast. On average, 9-12 students eat first breakfast, while 4-5 eat second breakfast. That doesn’t include some students who only get a drink or an a la carte item. More students rely on it occasionally, but not necessarily every day.

We understand that second breakfast was difficult to time without AB in the morning, but it was still a better choice than the vending machines which have poor and expensive options, while also being far away from most classes.

While this change is not huge, it will still impact the students that did use it, none of which were consulted about the effects of the change prior to initiating it. In the future we hope to see more student involvement in decisions that affect our daily routine.

The editorial is the opinion of the Charger staff. Send letters to the editor to whscharger@gmail.com.

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