Hutley signs with Washburn basketball

Senior Maddy Hutley signs her letter of intent with her family: Evan, Tim and Jan Hutley. Photo by Laurel Barber.

Hutley to bring love of basketball to Washburn

Senior Madelyn Hutley had many in attendance to watch her sign her National Letter of Intent to play basketball for Washburn University.

Hutley signed Friday afternoon in the WHS commons. Speakers including summer coaches, WHS coaches and her mother, principal Jan Hutley, spoke about her time at WHS and her love of basketball.

“As her mom, I’m most grateful and proud of who she is on the inside — her sassy, spirited, no-nonsense personality. I’m not gonna lie, it’s been difficult to tame over the years. But that same personality is what makes her a joy to be around,” Hutley said. “We have a wonderful time together, and I also think that’s what makes her a great player.”

Maddy Hutley shoots a three in the 2019 third-place game against Trego Community High School. Photo by Sarah Vanstory.

Each speaker mentioned Hutley’s love of basketball, describing her as a gym rat who works tirelessly to improve her game.

Former WHS head coach Shanna Perine sadi “I don’t think I’ve ever been around a kid who loves basketball more than Madelyn does. I don’t know how many times I’ve kicked her out of the gym. She’s the kid who you’ll see carrying a basketball down the street. She would get legitimately mad at me for ending practice early.”

Current head girls basketball coach Trevor Keller said “I think that’s what’s allowed her to be successful not only in the game of basketball but in everything that she’s done. That desire to be the best is what’s gonna allow you to continue to be successful with the next level.”

Dylan Evans, her cub coach with Wheat State Elite, also spoke about Maddy’s work ethic, saying she would be an example for players in his program for years to come. “She truly understands what it takes to be the best player one can be.”

Ken Darting of Darting basketball academy also spoke about her work ethic and her citizenship. “If you made a profile of a basketball player you want in your program, it would be her.”

Hutley is headed to Washburn undecided in her major.

“I chose Washburn because of the people. The girls are really nice and are mostly small town people I can relate to. It just seemed to fit,” Hutley said.

— Laurel Barber, @lawl_e_20

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