Winter sports preview | Hutley hopes to lead girls basketball back to state

Winter sports season heats up this week with basketball at Axtell Friday and Wrestling at Mission Valley Saturday. The Charger spoke to Varsity and JV players from each sport for a preview of the season.

Check out the Senioritis podcast Friday for an interview with new coach Trevor Keller.

Senior Maddy Hutley

What are your expectations for the team this year?

“We’re gonna have to work hard to get our wins. I just expect our team to work hard.”

What are the biggest challenges you’ll face as a team?

“We just have to play together and need to stay together if we’re losing a game.”

How do coaching changes affect the team?

“We all miss coach Perine a lot, but coach Keller has set us at a high standard as a team.”

Who are the team’s leaders?

“The seniors.”

What does basketball mean to you?

“I love basketball, it’s always been a big part of my life. Practices are fun, even when they suck.”

Freshman Shaylee Heideman

What excites you about starting high school basketball?

“Getting to be competitive and getting to be with the team again.”

What are you nervous about?

“Probably messing up a lot.”

As a freshman, what are your goals for the season?

“To become better at basketball. Try to get along with everyone and just enjoy the season.”

Describe your relationship to basketball. Why is it important to you?

“It’s been my favorite sport since I was little. I really like it. It’s important because it’s my escape from things.”

What are the strengths you will bring to the team?

“I think that I am a good shooter and I have been working on it.”

How did your class do last season? What will the class of 2023 bring to the WHS program?

“We didn’t do so bad, but also not too good. We got 5th at league last year. As a class we are coachable.”

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