Drama prepares for fall play, ‘Crumpled Classics’

The WHS drama class is producing Crumpled Classics for the fall play on December 14.

The comedy by Craig Sodaro is filled with modernized versions of classic plays including Romeo and Juliet, Frankenstein, Sherlock Holmes, The Legend of Arthur and Phantom of the Opera.

Senior Brendan Duggar said, “I think the audience will enjoy it because since they already know the idea of the classics and the play is just a “modernized” version of the classics with added humor.”

The students have been working very hard to pull the play together. They have to memorize their lines and get in character. Freshman AJ Grutsch said, “It’s difficult to remember lines but after some time this becomes easier.”

One of the most challenging parts of the rehearsal for the past few years is the fact that people often miss the class due to other activities. Director Brendan Praeger said it has been less of an issue than in previous years though. “The 7-period schedule has really made rehearsals better. It was hard to get them to focus for an hour and a half the last few years, but a focused 45 minutes each day has gone well. It’s a class that really can’t be productive if a couple people are gone though, so that’s always a challenge.”

Play rehearsals take place entirely in-class, so the students don’t have to rehearse after school. “That was a decision I made when I took over the drama program,” Praeger said. “Too many of the kids have jobs and other activities, so we need to prepare in the time we have.” Changes to the schedule haven’t been entirely helpful though. “Drama is at the same time as choir this year, so we lost a few kids. We didn’t have enough in class to fill the cast list, so we had to recruit a few other students for small roles. We want them to miss other classes as little as possible, but it was necessary to perform the play.”

The students have had several weeks to prepare for their roles. Junior Melissa Campbell plays Abigail, a girl who likes to be in charge of her peers, with high expectations. She also plays in Joni Watson, a version of John Watson from the Sherlock Holmes stories. “I’ve prepared for both Abigail and Joni by becoming more confident in front of my friends, learning to speak from the gut and speak louder, and learning to be more ‘bratty’ for the role of Lola in ‘Frankenstein,’” Campbell said.

Other cast members include Jayna Keller, Austin Henderson, Gabby Simmons, Justice Houston, Ashley Piper, Rebekah Stuhlsatz, Eli McDaniel, Richard Wagner, Sierra Quathamer and Reagan Kelley.

The show starts at 7 p.m. December 14 in the high school auditorium. Student tickets are $3 and adult tickets are $5.

— Mayah Mumpower, @MayahMumpower

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