USD 329 finalizes checkout plan

Kaytlyn Meseke | @kaytlyn_nelle

Checkout day at school is an exciting day for all ages. Seniors are happy to be done, junior high and high school students are thankful for no more homework, the middle schoolers and elementary students are ready to have play dates everyday and the teachers are excited for a much needed break. This year, the checkout process is different due to the pandemic and Governor Kelly’s restrictions.

Starting Thursday, WHS will start its checkout process. Five students every 30 minutes will enter the building through the commons. Upon entering, the student will be given their checkout sheet and mask that they will be required to wear, along with answering a series of questions and checking their temperature. To promote adequate distancing, one student at a time will move through five different stations.

The stations will start with P.E. locker clean out and up the science hallway. At this point, juniors will clean out their lockers. From there the student will exit the new building and over to the shop buildings. Next, the student will enter the old building on the north side, where they will return textbooks, calculators and sports uniforms to their teachers and coaches and clean out lockers.. Then the student will report to the library to return iPads, chargers, Apple Pencils, textbooks and library books. The final and required station is the office where the student will pay fees and receive the final checkout. Students will then be required to leave immediately following.

WJH will also be doing stations similar to WHS, starting in the lunchroom on the west side. Junior high students will receive their band instruments and bagged locker items and check in items from home. The middle school and elementary schools are instead doing a curbside process. All three curbside processes will occur where buses load and unload. Students will receive their items that have been bagged up by the staff.

If a student is sick, running a fever or has been around infected people they are asked to stay home. Arrangements will be made for a later date to receive personal items and check in items from home.

USD 329 Checkout Schedule

Thursday, May 14th: Seniors

Monday, May 18th: Juniors

Tuesday, May 19th: Sophomores, WJH, PMS, AES and MHES

Wednesday, May 20th: Freshmen, WJH, PMS, AES and MHES

Thursday, May 21st: Checkout make up day

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