Frank to continue basketball career at Ottawa

Laurel Barber | @Lawl_e_20

Jackson Frank has been on the varsity squad for football, basketball, and baseball all of his four years at WHS. Frank has chosen to attend Ottawa University to continue playing basketball next season.

“Jackson has had a love for basketball since I can remember and I am excited for him to have an opportunity to continue his career at the next level. He had an exceptional senior year and played very well demonstrating leadership to the rest of the team,” principal Jan Hutley said.

“People sometimes don’t understand how difficult it is to play at the next level, regardless of the sport. Jackson is doing something very few high school seniors will be able to say they are getting the opportunity to do,” head basketball coach Christian Ulsaker said. “Jackson was the silent leader this past year. He never demanded anything from his teammates, but instead had his game do the talking. Jackson’s defense vastly improved over the course of the season.”

Ottawa has a successful record and Frank said he wants to continue his career at a successful college. Frank is undecided in his studies at Ottawa.

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