Art teacher joins WHS staff

Art teacher Brianna Guinn works with sophomore Robert Potter, a student in advanced design.

Grace Spellman | @whscharger

New art teacher Brianna Guinn enjoys gardening and watching TV.

Originally from Tonganoxie, Kansas, Guinn now lives in Silver Lake with her fiancé, three dogs, and cat. She attended Kansas City Kansas Community College, Johnson County Community College, and Kansas University. After completing college she began teaching middle and high school art near Salina in the Twin Valley school district.

Guin said her love of art started young. “I took my first real art class in high school and just felt like it was a way to communicate. I wasn’t really great at writing or speech but it was easier to express myself through art.”

Guinn said she chose to teach here because “Wabaunsee was just a better fit. The commute time to my old job was an hour and a half there and another hour and a half back. I also just like smaller, more rural schools.”

When she’s not at school you can find Guinn in her garden, caring for her animals or binging her favorite TV shows like Futurama or movies like the Marvel and DC  “If there were a job for binge watching TV, I would have it.”

Eliza Barton, one of Guinn’s students, said “the new art teacher is such a sweet and understanding person. Her class offers a great work environment and is a very positive experience over all.”

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