Editorial: Homecoming traditions worth effort to modify

Homecoming is going to take on a new Covid-proof look next week as the Chargers prepare to take on the Uniontown Eagles.

Students and staff enacted numerous changes in an attempt to make homecoming fun, but there were some disappointing decisions made. Student Council representatives met with principal Jan Hutley and discussed options for continuing with the traditional homecoming activities safely, although a few are still being prohibited.

First off, Friday will look a little different. Instead of spending the day working on floats and enjoying the school-wide barbecue, Friday will be a normal school day.

Rather than the annual parade downtown, we will only be holding a pep rally in the gym. Student Council will also hold its annual talent show following the pep rally. In order to make the pep rally safe for students and the community, it will be held in the new gym and live-streamed so younger grades can still watch without being bussed to Alma. Finally, in order to follow the county health department’s guidelines we will not be holding a homecoming dance as it would be difficult to do safely.

Things that will remain the same during homecoming include window painting, spirit week and the crowning. Similar to the cruise night the booster club planned over the summer for the class of 2020, candidates will ride in a cruise down main street Tuesday night.

During stressful times like these, having Friday off to participate in activities would be a good way for students to destress and have fun. Hutley voiced her concerns to the student council about losing an academic day as well as the difficulty supervising students. There are ways that this day could have been modified for student safety, but those options were turned down.

There could have been more effort to work around the health restrictions with Covid and still allow students to participate in some of our favorite homecoming activities, like the parade. In the coming school year we hope that rather than losing all of our favorite activities we are able to modify them and participate as safely as possible.

The editorial is the opinion of the Charger staff.

Send letters to the editor to whscharger@gmail.com.

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