WHS welcomes 3 new students

Raegan Feyh | @whscharger

Three WHS students entered USD 329 at the beginning of the year. Wabaunsee High School’s total enrollment is only slightly lower this year with 134 students, as opposed to last year’s 135. Four students began the year enrolled in online learning, and others will do it on a temporary basis due to quarantines.

As a district, Wabaunsee has 405 students, a decrease of 14 from last year. That includes 102 at Alma Elementary, 52 at Maple Hill Elementary, 47 at Paxico Middle School, 70 at the junior high and 134 at WHS.

Junior Mia Hall

Junior Mia Hall moved to Kansas from Georgia. She said she really likes Wabaunsee so far and that everyone here has been very welcoming. She isn’t planning on participating in any sports or clubs this year, but her hobbies include singing, dancing and photography. Outside of school she spends time working her new job at Gambino’s Pizza. This year she is determined to keep all of her grades up. So far she really enjoys all of her classes, but hasn’t decided on her favorite yet. 

Sophomore Ammi Miller

Sophomore Ammi Miller came from Topeka West. Ammi said Wabaunsee is much calmer, that everyone is much nicer than at her old school and all the teachers are very nice. She enjoys most of her classes, but so far her favorites are Spanish and World History. Ammi plans on participating in wrestling, track and wants to join FCCLA. Outside of school she likes to play the guitar, volin and the ukulele. 

Freshman Angel Truillo

Freshman Angel Trujillo switched to Wabaunsee from St. Mary’s Academy. Angel is participating in cross country this year, and is still deciding on whether or not to play basketball this winter. He said he really liked Wabaunsee, and that all the people here are very nice, and classes are easier. His favorite class so far is Spanish, and he really likes Mr. Amer.

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