Question of the Week | Favorite Halloween memory

What’s your favorite Halloween memory?

“I went through the haunted house in Wamego with my Youth Group. The other three girls and I spent it clinging to my youth leader.”

Junior Emma Alderman

“When I scared my older sister and she peed her pants.”

Junior Brady Bayless

“My family and I were leaving a trunk or treat event at my elementary school and my little brother, Michael, dropped all of his candy on the ground. We were all picking up his candy and he picked up a piece of dog poop thinking it was candy.”

Freshman Kinsley Peterson

“My favorite Halloween memory is when I went to a haunted house in Indianapolis during the FFA convention.”

Junior Marek Boatwright

“My favorite Halloween memory is when after every year when I was done trick or treating I would come home, sort, and then eat all of my candy.”

Freshman Kadence Guinn

“This weekend I went to Little Munchkins Pumpkin Patch with my boyfriend. The last time I went to the pumpkin patch was when I was in grade school. They’ve added a lot of activities and displays since I was last there. We had a lot of fun and carved our pumpkins when we came back to my house. I carved the Elmo fire meme and Sean carved the Browning logo.”

Junior Sarah Vanstory

“When I got lost in Garden City and some old dude gave me a Capri Sun and I sat in his yard and cried until my parents found me. I was in a Winnie the Pooh costume.

Senior Melissa Campbell

“Going to Indian Caves in Nebraska, camping, and doing Halloween activities.”

Junior Kaelyn Conrad

“When I was 10 I dressed up as Darth Vader and it was my favorite Halloween because I got so much candy and I was Darth Vader.”

Freshman Miguel Hernandez

“Emma’s uncle was dressed as a woman and when trick or treating in town he came up to us and started asking if she was Emma Alderman and she didn’t know who he was.”

Junior Cecelia Emmert

“One time… I took two pieces out of the bowl when it said to only take one.”

Freshman Sienna Jones

“My favorite memory is from Halloween last year because that weekend was when we won state volleyball in Dodge City.”

Junior Kara Hafenstine

“I loved the time when I wore a costume under my costume so half way through the night I switched then went to the same houses a 2nd time and doubled my candy.”

Junior Jackson Havenstine

“The third time I went to zombie toxin they did a jump scare and it scared me so bad that I ran into the wall.”

Freshman Bailey Wright

“My favorite Halloween memory was when Sydney, Sarah, and I all sat outside on my porch in the snow to give candy out to the kids that came by! We got to see all the fun costumes the kids wore, have hot chocolate and just hang out!”

Junior Madisyn Havenstein

“My favorite memory was the year it snowed on Halloween and I drank a cold Diet Coke and a hot chocolate. I was dressed up as Spider-Man I think.”

Junior Sydney Holthaus

“I was a rubix cube in kindergarten.”

Junior Eli McDaniel

“My favorite memory of Halloween is when I was younger I dressed up as a teenage mutant ninja turtle. Then we went trick or treating and that was it.”

Aiden Boeckman

“Eli, AJ and I dressed as sheet ghosts and bullied kids dressed as fortnite characters. This was last year.”

Junior Jacob Daley

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