Question of the Week | Non-traditional Thanksgiving dishes

What non-traditional dish does your family serve at Thanksgiving?

“Trash can turkey. We cook our turkey underneath a trash can covered in charcoal.” — Junior Christian Glotzbach

“Fried noodles- homemade noodles, fried with onions” — Science teacher Brandi Miller

“In addition to traditional items, we have my mom’s wonderful homemade bbq meatballs!” — Secretary Jeanne Parry

“Oreo cream cheese balls. Crushed up Oreos mixed with cream cheese and covered in almond bark.” — Sophomore Rebekka Stuhlsatz

“Throw up pie which is just pistachio pie.” — Senior Brianna DeVader

“Spiral cut brown sugar glazed ham. It’s always good and we rarely have it year round until Thanksgiving and Christmas. It always tastes good, even as leftovers.” — Sophomore Robert Potter

“When we have family gatherings we eat turkey, but when it’s just my family on Thanksgiving Day we have ham. We had already eaten turkey before Thanksgiving Day, so we change it up and have ham instead.” — Freshman Ava Meinhardt

“Sprite Pie, it’s a very odd dish but it tastes really good. It’s mainly made with sprite flour and sugar.” — Freshman Abby Wallin

“We eat chicken noodle soup, chili and ham & bean soup for dinner. I always eat the chicken noodle soup because it’s my favorite. It’s cooked with yummy egg noodles and I think she puts rice in it. It’s so so so good.” — Senior Jordan Magette

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