Question of the Week | Thanksgiving traditions

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

“That night my cousins from Kansas City usually stay at my grandparents, and my sister, my younger cousins and I all stay and make Christmas crafts. Slso we play 5 point pitch.” — Senior Matthew McClusky 

“Football and chill. I like sports.” — Special education teacher Christian Ulsaker 

“Cheesy potatoes.” — Senior Peter Stuhlsatz

“We haven’t been doing it long but the past few years my family has done the Turkey Trot 5-K in Hutchinson.” — Junior Emma Alderman

“I love that everyone comes over to our house for Thanksgiving lunch- We get to see everyone from both sides.  Lots of cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and fun.” — Science teacher Brandi Miller

“Pre-rona we used to go see a movie on or around Thanksgiving every year. This is my favorite because my family is not the “traditions” type of people usually.” — Senior Emma Frey

“Becoming obese.” — Senior Stanley Russo

“Watching football. It’s football, who doesn’t like football?” — Freshman Tate Deever

“Every year we do themes!  No one in our non-traditional family are huge turkey fans. We often do Mediterranean, Central America, Italian and Thai for Thanksgiving because we hate eating the same thing over and over!” — Art teacher Breanna Guinn

“We have a giant family gathering at my great-grandparents’ house with my entire extended family. It’s really great to see everyone and it’s one of the happiest and best events that i get to go to on an annual basis. I love it. It’s been canceled this year and that makes me extremely sad.” — Senior Grace Spellman

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