Question of the Week: Thanksgiving during a pandemic

How have COVID-19 precautions changed your family’s holiday plans? 

“No getting together this year, too many party poopers.” — Science teacher Lisa Hull

“We are simplifying things. I usually make a Barton Family buffet and we eat all day… but this year I am just making a simple turkey-involved meal.” — English teacher Miriam Barton

“We plan on only seeing limited family and we plan on eating outside, weather permitting.” — Senior Ryan Grutch

“We can’t celebrate with all of my extended family and had to cut it down to just my close relations.” — Junior Kara Havenstine

“It hasn’t stopped the cheesecake plans, but it did make less people want to come, which means more cheesecake for me.” — Senior Melissa Campbell

“We’re staying home this year. We usually go out of state to visit family.” — Freshman Sienna Jones

“We can’t go to see our grandparents and cousins, or have a family gathering because we all live in different places and counties. We don’t want to risk giving it to my grandparents.” — Freshman Ava Meindhardt

“We can no longer get together as one big group, because some of my family are considered high risk. We probably will have to have a Zoom Thanksgiving.” — Secretary Jeanne Parry

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