Question of the Week: Pros and cons of remote learning

After learning from home for a couple weeks, what are the biggest pros and cons of online learning?

“It is very difficult to do science labs at home, so that is a huge CON. I really can’t think of any pros, except the cute pets.” — Science teacher Lisa Hull

“It’s harder to get motivated to do your work and it sucks not seeing your friends but I liked not having to wake up as early and be able to get work done faster.” — Freshman Taryn Maike

“The biggest pro is the fact that we can do the homework whenever, as long as it is finished at the right time. The biggest con is the fact that we can’t see friends, we can’t learn directly, and if we struggle, it’s difficult to ask since we can’t go straight to the teacher.” — Freshman Blake Murphy

“One pro is being able to eat whenever you want.” — Senior Ryleigh Jones

“I felt like I actually held myself accountable to do homework, but it felt very awkward trying to ask for help.” — Sophomore Danielle Murphy

“I like learning online because I can take my time, I don’t have to be dressed in real clothes all the time, food is just upstairs when I get hungry and I can play with my new puppy to keep him entertained. The only cons of online would be that I feel like I am not learning as much due to being over a screen and I don’t know exactly how to ask the questions that I might have over an email. I also hate that I am missing out on a lot of the best high school memories due to COVID and going online every once in a while.” — Senior Jordan Magette

“It’s a lot more stressful to learn from home and if students don’t understand what they are doing they are less likely to ask questions and get help.” — Junior Mayah Mumpower

“It’s easy, but classes like band and choir are weird.” — Freshman Heather Baker

“Pros: Doing homework in bed and I didn’t have to wear a mask. Cons: I didn’t get to see my friends in person and I was always sitting in front of a screen.” — Freshman Alexus Ford

“I feel like there are a lot more distractions, and a lack of physical social interactions, but pros are definitely having your own space and time to get stuff done.” — Senior Melissa Campbell

“I feel as though the biggest issue with online learning is the having the idea that it is optional when it really isn’t. It is so difficult to focus on our tasks sometimes because we don’t have the interaction with others. Sometimes that can make the work a lot easier because of more frequent reminders and support from your peers. Another issue could be the stress level from working online. Something good that does come from online learning is the ability to get more sleep depending on your situation. Over those two weeks of online learning I was much less sleep deprived.” — Freshman Eliza Barton

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