WHS 2020 | #6 Seven seniors sign to continue athletic careers

To celebrate the end of a year that we are all happy to put behind us, the Charger staff compiled the ten biggest WHS stories of the 2020. From sports to elections to unexpected plagues — it was quite a year. Check back every day until the end of the year to see the biggest stories of 2020.

6. Seven seniors sign to continue athletic careers

Most years see a couple students extend their athletic careers. At the end of the Spring semester, nearly a fifth of the senior class had the opportunity to play in college. Autymn Schreiner (Washburn softball), Maddy Hutley (Washburn basketball), Megan Strait (Coffeyville volleyball), Laurel Barber (Ottawa track and volleyball), Jackson Frank (Ottawa basketball), Shelby Wright (Allen County cheer and dance) and Alexis Hafenstine (Allen County softball and volleyball). The quality of athletes shows in the class’ accomplishments: state volleyball and softball championships and multiple state appearances in basketball, along with numerous individual accomplishments. If the pandemic hadn’t hit the list would be even longer. 

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