Question of the Week 1/28

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How do you feel about raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour? How would it affect you personally?

“A rising tide raises all boats. Everything will go up as a result. I will pay more. I resist wage/price controls. I am in favor of the free market. Read Walter Williams!”

Science Teacher Lisa Hull

“That’d be awesome, I don’t have a job yet but it’d make life after high school easier.”

Freshman Heather Baker

“I like the idea because then I wouldn’t have to rely on daddy’s money so much.”

Junior Justin Carlson

“With playing a sport in college I won’t have a lot of time to work and raising the minimum wage would help me so much because paying for the rest of my college isn’t going to be easy handling school and softball.”

Senior Ryleigh Jones

“That’s more than I make, which would be good for my car payments.”

Junior Richard Wagner

“Yes please. I would be able to afford gas year round, since I work a seasonal job and don’t have time to work in the winter.”

Junior Lauren Schutter

“I would love more money but realistically it would affect our economy real bad like and it would be a nightmare.”

Senior Stanley Russo

“Raising the minimum wage would help out a lot of people in my opinion as prices in America have kept rising while the wages stay roughly the same.”

Senior Austin Henderson

With the inauguration Wednesday, what is something you hope the Biden administration accomplishes right away?

“Stepping down and letting Trump be president.”

Freshman Victor Buchanan

“Lower them gas prices.”

Senior Alex Warner

“I haven’t been paying close attention to politics or the election lately so I don’t have any expectations.”

Senior Austin Henderson

“Abolish student loans, or lower college tuitions.”

Senior Melissa Campbell

What was your new year’s resolution, and how is it going after three weeks?

“Exercise more… it’s not going too well.”

Junior Christian Glotzbach

“Go live on Twitch more often. It’s going well, I’ve streamed four hours over the past week and averaged two viewers per stream.”

Junior Jacob Daley

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