Hot Takes | Mini editorials from the Charger staff

School board votes to close Paxico Middle School

At the end of the school year, Paxico middle school will close. Sixth grade students will move to the junior high and fifth graders will return to each elementary school. It’s a long overdue change for a district with lots of buildings that are becoming hard to maintain. We just hope the community can get on board with changes that will help the district provide a safe learning space for all students in the future.

Winter Royalty lots of fun

Winter Royalty was so much fun, especially since almost everything has felt a little off this year. We are glad to have had a relatively normal week, even if we had to make some adjustments to traditions. We hope the rest of the year can go smoothly.

Trump fails to pardon Joe Exotic

Of all of Trump’s failures, the lack of a pardon for Tiger King star Joe Exotic is one of the most disappointing. Exotic, currently in prison for attempting to hire a hit on his professional rival, was so certain a pardon was coming that he had a limo waiting outside of his prison. Of the hundreds of pardons to criminals the former president handed out, Joe exotic wouldn’t have been the worst person to let back into society. #justiceforjoe

Boys basketball competes without starters at Royal Valley

If you look at the scores from last week’s boys basketball games, it looks like a pretty rough week. But when you consider that the entire starting five was out because of an injury and several players in quarantine… it was still a rough week. Still, kudos for the boys continuing to play hard, and to coach Christian Ulsaker for pushing forward and focusing on the positives. We hope the varsity experience for underclassmen pays off in the future.

Snow days are always welcome

It was disappointing that Monday’s snow day didn’t yield enough snow to make snow ice cream. Even though the weather wasn’t as bad as forecasts predicted, we’re happy when the district errs on the side of caution rather than forcing a bunch of teenage drivers to slip and slide their way to school.

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