Juniors work to provide safe prom experience

Emma Alderman | news editor

Junior class officers are looking at making some changes to prom to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions. 

Junior class president Sarah Vanstory created a slideshow about the potential plans for prom to give people an idea of what the class is planning to do. “I shared my Google Slide presentation with Mrs. Hutley, Mr. Starnes, and Ray Finley from the county health department so they could review it and discuss it. They seemed pretty open to my proposal,” Vanstory said. Her slideshow included a schedule of the events of the day and what adjustments they are planning to implement to make it safe. 

“I think especially since this year’s seniors haven’t gotten a prom it’s really important to do everything I can to ensure they get a senior prom,” principal Jan Hutley said.  

One of the biggest changes is there will not be a meal served due to the location not being large enough to hold a dinner while also allowing for social distancing. Instead, there will be two hours between pictures at the courthouse and the start of a promenade during which students can go get dinner themselves. Attendees will also be required to wear masks which will be provided by Amy Cassell’s screen printing class. 

Another aspect of the night that will look different this year is after prom. Currently after prom coordinators are working on getting approval from the county and the school to hold it in the building. They hope to be able to provide the same attractions as they have previous years while also maintaining the same COVID-19 precautions students follow during the school day such as masks and hand sanitizing. 

“We have reserved many of the same entertainment items, such as karaoke, a photo booth, carnival type activities such as inflatables and a mechanical bull, as well as others that are still in the works.  We hope that conditions continue to improve in the county so that with the extra safety protocols we can provide a safe and fun event for the students,” senior parent Carrie Magette said.

Despite the changes to some traditions, seniors are still excited for the event.

“It’s an experience everyone should have, like a right of passage. It’s a chance to dress up, have fun with friends and make memories, so I really hope it’s something that can happen this year,” senior Reagan Kelley said.

Prom is scheduled for April 17 at Newbury Hall.

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