Question of the Week 2/1

What part of prom are you most looking forward to?

“Actually having it, and not being canceled.”

Sophomore Danielle Murphy

“Sitting there, crying in my prom dress.”

Junior Justin Carlson

“Wearing a floofy dress, hopefully.”

Junior Lauren Schutter

“I’m excited to finally participate in a traditional school activity. This year’s been so different in regards of what we can and can’t do. A lot of our typical school activities have been limited due to COVID, but I think prom will feel somewhat normal to us.”

Junior Sarah Vanstory

“I want the students to have prom this year in as normal way as possible.”

Amy Cassell

“The half time show with Shakira and JLo.”

David Amer

What is your favorite thing to do on a snow day?

“Watch movies, and I usually bake some sort of dessert.”

Senior Jayna Keller

“Go play in the snow in my dads truck or on my grandpa’s side by side.”

Junior CJ Glotzbach

“My favorite thing to do on a snow day is to let the dogs out and throw snow as their balls for them to chase, and then they look all confused when it ‘disappears.”

Freshman Blake Murphy 

“Sit inside next to the fireplace with hot cocoa.”
Sophomore Dee Gotzbach

What class should WHS offer next?

“ASL (American Sign Language) as a foreign language”
Freshman Heather Baker

“French so you have more options for foreign language.”

Junior Cade Oliver


Science teacher Lisa Hull


Freshman Calvin Magette

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