Students participate in an online gaming community called Twitch

Emma Frey | editor in chief

If gaming isn’t exactly your specialty but you still enjoy video game content, watching live streams of gameplay might be right up your alley. 

According to Twitch’s website, “Twitch is the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers and the things we love. Watch and chat now with millions of other fans from around the world.” Twitch is a live streaming service for multimedia entertainment, similar to YouTube, but the restrictions are far more lax. The content on Twitch ranges from gaming to things like bands practicing.

The Charger talked to a few of our students who participate in streaming. Juniors Jacob Daley, Justin Carlson, Brady Bayless and Richard Wagner all hold their own streams.

Junior Richard Wagner streams Apex Legends on Twitch.

What do you do on Twitch?

Jacob: I personally play games with friends but you don’t have to play games constantly.

Justin: Live stream your gaming to others.

Brady: I make gaming videos.

Richard: I stream from the gaming side of Twitch.

What games do you stream?

Jacob: I usually stream “Valorant” or “Rainbow: Six Siege.”

Justin: I stream “Apex Legends” and “Rainbow: Six Siege.”

Brady: I mainly stream “Call of Duty Modern Warfare” but I also stream “Fortnite.”

Richard: “Apex Legends” most frequently as well as other first person shooters and rpgs like “Skyrim” and “Fallout New Vegas.” 

Is there potential to make money doing this?

Jacob: There’s lots of potential to make money, it just depends what you do.

Justin: If I was good maybe.

Brady: Yes.

Richard: There is potential to make money off of this, once I hit certain goals I can begin to monetize my streams.

Junior Richard Wagner streams on Twitch.

How often do you stream?

Jacob: I try to stream on weekends, but I’ll only stream if I’m playing with friends.

Justin: Whenever I feel like it.

Brady: I stream almost every day 4-7 hours.

Richard: I stream nearly daily, I enjoy it that much.

How many viewers/subscribers do you have?

Jacob: I don’t keep track of how many viewers or followers I have, I’d prefer to not disappoint myself.

Justin: Like 10.

Brady: I have five subscribers and I average 5-6 viewers per stream.

Richard: I have 90 followers and average a small 1-3 viewers per stream, inconsistently.

Do you plan to continue streaming?

Jacob: I’d like to keep streaming, it can be fun sometimes.

Justin: Yeah, it’s easy.

Brady: Yes I plan to continue streaming because it’s fun.

Richard: I have no plan to ever stop, I do it for fun anyways, so why should I, ya know?

Where can we find your content?

Jacob: Triple_J_14 on Twitch

Brady: midshiftmoto on Twitch

Richard: Raginwagner on Twitch

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