Parent meeting to address online predators

Emma Alderman | news editor

Parents and community members have a chance to learn more about predators and dangers facing their children in a presentation Friday evening.

The Wabaunsee Sheriff’s office is sponsoring a presentation about those who exploit social media and information technology to victimize children. The program, Protecting Our Children: A Town Hall on Sexting, Sextortion, and Bullying, is a 7 p.m. Friday at Wabaunsee High School.

The discussion will be lead by experts from the FBI Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Task Force and the LifeHouse Child Advocacy Center. 

In a facebook post last month, sheriff Rob Hoskins warned parents of the dangers facing children in the community.

“Each and every one of our children are vulnerable and can be preyed upon by a predator without our knowledge or us even having the slightest idea what is happening to our children,” Hoskins said in the post. “With today’s technology our young people are exposed to this each and every time they log onto a computer or use their cell phone. The pressure these devices place on our children is enormous and can not be avoided. It has happened in our communities and many of our children have been confronted with predators that are near and far.”

The target audience for this presentation is adults in the community. Some topics may not be suitable for teens and young children so childcare will be provided on site. There are plans to have a similar presentation for students in the near future. 

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